Sealite Bridge Lights
Only available from McMurdo, the revolutionary S20 and S10 are personal AIS beacons that transmit accurate GPS target tracking position information with serialized ID to plotters and onboard navigation systems within a 4 nautical mile range (based on sea conditions). This allows all ships in the vicinity to assist in fast recovery of personnel in a man overboard situation.

McMurdo Smartfind S20 AIS

  • •AIS channel 1 161.975MHz
    •AIS channel 2 162.025MHz
    •Message 1 (TXID, GPS position, SOG, COG, UTC)
    •Message 14 (MOBACTIVE or MOBTEST)
    •Minimum 24 hour continuous operation
    •LED flashing indicator and audible buzzer
    •Integrated GPS

    Features Particular to the S20
    •Small and lightweight for mounting on lifejacket
    •Two mounting clips for attachment to PFD pocket or inflation tube
    •Semi-automatic activation possible when installed on lifejacket by approved service station
    •7 year battery storage life