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When designing the new MOM 600™, the SWITLIK engineering team didn't start with a clean sheet of paper, they started with close to a century of knowledge and experience in creating the finest survival products. The MOM 600™ is a new concept for man overboard or small boat emergencies, that stows as easy as a PFD or throwable cushion, but quickly provides emergency flotation as needed. Whether to escape the unexpected or to safely recover a crew overboard, the versatile MOM 600™ throwable rescue platform meets your needs.

Switlik MOM600

  • The MOM 600™ inflates upon contact with the water and can be thrown a distance from the boat to a man overboard. This allows the victim to swim to the platform and get up out of the water quickly, during the time it takes to turn your boat around.

    The platform design of the MOM 600™ allows the overboard person to be completely out of the water and higher up for when they are being brought back on board. This makes the recovery process faster and easier, especially for sail or power boats with a high freeboard.