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Sealite Bridge Lights

Sealite Poseidon 1750 Ocean Buoy


Sealite’s Poseidon 1750 Ocean Buoy is ideal for storage and charging test equipment and marine lanterns with its solar array and optional stainless steel access hatch. These research buoys can also be equipped with a moon pool for meteorological and hydrographic accessories.


The Poseidon 1750 is manufactured using UV-stabilized, virgin polyethylene, has been designed to withstand harsh marine environments and operate reliably with minimal maintenance. Each buoy is constructed of three parts to ensure ease of deployment and service: float section with non-slip deck and two large lifting and mooring points with stainless tie bars, middle section that may be supplied with a secondary battery enclosure, and the top section designed to carry the primary payload. All of which require no painting for the entire life of the unit.  


Additionally, the Poseidon 1750 can be equipped with the SL-C310, 3-5NM Solar Marine Lantern.


Each of these sections can be equipped with individual coloration of high visibility red, green, white or yellow to suit IALA color/configuration recommendations.


Available option: 


  • 316 Stainless Steel Hatch

  • Mould-in graphics

  • Day marks

  • Monitoring systems (AIS, GSM) 

  • Moon pool


Poseidon 1750 equipped with moon pool and met-hydro testing equipment

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