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Man Overboard Recovery

Man overboard recovery systems offer an immediately deployable solution to recover anyone who has fallen into the water. Sea safety offers a wide range of products from inflatable rescue platforms and life ring buoys to basket stretchers and cradle recovery systems for both conscious and incapacitated individuals.


A man overbaord recovery system is a viable option to complement your life raft. MOB systems are designed for use when a full life raft is not the most practical option to recover an uninjured sailer that has fallen into the water.


Sea Safety is an authorized dealer for the following MOB manufacturers:


  • Switlik Parachute Co.

  • Revere Survival

  • Mustang Survival


Now Introducing Jonbuoy Recovery Modules.


  • Automatic inflation and light

  • Lifting Ring

  • SWL of 200 KG

  • Large ballast pocket

  • Weighted throwing line

Jonbuoy Recovery Module

Switlik MOM 8-A

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