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Sealite Bridge Lights

Fire Safety Inspection & Servicing


Sea Safety is able to design, install and provide complete service of CO2 Fire Suppression Systems in accordance with USCG and / or Class Regulations. 


Our Fire Suppression System expertise includes:


  • Testing, certification and repair of suppression systems.

  • Certified US DOT Hydro Test Facility.

  • CO2 system design.

  • Submitting design drawings to US Coast Guard and / or Class (ABS, Lloyd’s, Etc.) for approval.

  • Supply of approved system components.

  • Provide admeasurements of protected space(s).

  • CO2 system installation.



Additional Sea Safety Services provided:


  • Service Inspection of Halon and other Clean Agent (FM-200, FE-241) type systems.

  • Testing of fire detection systems.

  • Portable fire extinguisher inspection, testing and recharging


Sea Safety is a distributor for Ansul Fire Protection, Kidde Fire Systems and NK Fire Systems. Sea Safety offers expertise to design the most effective fire protection for

your vessel’s application.




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