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Sealite Bridge Lights


Sea Safety carries USCG/SOLAS approved pyrotechnics for all application of marine safety. From simple hand flares to intricate man overboard buoysmokes, we can provide complient life saving equipement for you and your crew. Individual units and coastal/ocean water kits (0-3 nm, 3-50 nm, 50+ nm) are available for sales.


Sea Safety is a distributor for multiple manufacturers including:


  • Comet

  • Ikaros

  • Pains Wessex


Now introducing the Sirius signal SOS Distress Signal electronic hand flare.


  • 360 degree, high visibility LED

  • Up to 10 mile range

  • 4 user replacable C Batteries

  • complies with USCG requirements when used with the equipped distress flag.

Ocean Signal EDF1

Electronic Hand Flare

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Sirius Signal SOS Distress Signal

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