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Sealite Bridge Lights

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Marine Buoys


What are your buoy requirements?

Click the seal below that corresponds with your inteded use for regulatory buoys and channel markers.

Sea Safety supplies regulatory buoys and channel markers manufactured by Sealite.


Sealite regulatory buoys and channel markers are manufactured from rotationally-molded, UV-stabilized, virgin polyethelyne and are designed to offer a low maintenance, high visibility solution to marine navigation. 


Sealite's buoy products are available in a wide range of configurations and sizing, and can be shipped worldwide. Each buoy utilizes non-toxic pigments that are eco-friendly and do not require paining for the life of the unit.  


Each Sealite buoy is light weight for ease of retrieval or deployment while maintaining incredible impact and puncture resistance. Closed cell foam increases wall strength while simultaneouslyresisting algae, fungus and bacteria. 


Sealite regulatory buoys and channel markers can be equipped with marine lanterns of the same






  • Spar Buoys

  • Regulatory Buoys

  • Mooring Buoys

  • Marker Buoys

  • Fast Water / Swift Water Marker Buoys

  • Navigation Buoys

  • Ocean Buoys

Spar Buoy

Dock and 

Harbor Masters

Tug and Barge

Dredging and

Marine Construction

Wind Turbine

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Research Facilities

2200mm Ocean Buoy

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