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Sealite Bridge Lights

Portable Gas Detection

RKI GX-2009

RKI Eagle 2

MSA Altair 5x



Sea Safety is an authorized dealer and servicing facility for multiple manufacturers of portable gas detection moniors and ullage temperature monitors.


Battery powered, direct reading instruments typically monitor oxygen deficiency and/or the presence of toxic or combustible gases.


Sea Safety is certified to calibrate and service to following gas detection manufacturers:


  • MSA

  • RKI/Riken Keiki

  • Scott Safety

  • GMI

  • Honeywell

  • Industrial Scientific

  • RAE Systems

  • BW Technologies

  • Crowcon

  • Toka Seiki

  • Drager



UTI Calibration


Sea Safety specializes in Ullage Temperature Interface (UTI) service, calibration and repair with same day turn-around to help expedite your vessel's departure from the dock or port. 


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