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Sealite Bridge Lights
The Sealite SL-PEL-05 is a 5 degree LED Sectored Port Entry Light which provides an overall 5 degree beam width and over 500,000cd at 30 watts.

5 Degree LED Port Entry Light

    •Stationary intensity of up to 500,000cd (white) with a night-time visible range of up to 23.9NM
    •Over 5NM visible day-time range
    •High precision light sectoring - measured changeover between colour sectors of typically one minute of arc
    •Low power consumption - uses 30 watts to achieve intensities that previously required 250 watts, making solar power feasible
    •LEDs can be configured for automatic night dimming, eliminating the need for moving filters
    •LEDs can be individually flashed to reduce the need to employ moving oscillating boundaries
    •Ultra-compact design, removing the need for split-assemblies & realignment on difficult access sites
    •Operates on 12-24VDC battery supply - no need for large cables
    •Extremely robust & of high quality construction
    •Convenient PC Programming via USB
    •Multiple configurations & maintenance-free

    •Type 1 or Type 3 AIS – class leading & low-powered
    •GSM remote monitoring & control capabilities
    •GPS enables reliable flash synchronisation with multiple units & other AtoNs
    •Hard-wired or GPS synchronisation to omnidirectional Sealite lanterns
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