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Sealite Bridge Lights
The SL-70 is a 2-3NM+ high-performance solar marine lantern, with two internal solar modules designed to provide exceptional charging and operate reliably in low sunlight conditions. 

SL70 2-3NM+ Solar Marine Lantern

    •2-3NM+ range
    • Ultra-high intensity LEDs
    •Two internal solar modules
    •Installs in minutes & operates maintenance-free for up to five years
    •256 user adjustable IALA flash characters
    •4 user adjustable intensity settings
    •User-replaceable battery in sealed battery compartment
    •NiMH battery for long service life & wide temperature range
    •Made from tough, durable polycarbonate
    •Completely sealed & self-contained
    •ON/OFF storage switch
    •Large 200mm OD bolt pattern base
    •IP68 waterproof

    ­•RF or GPS flash synchronisation
    •Radio control system - for remote activation & character adjustment
    •High intensity version - to provide a range of >3NM in high sunlight regions
    •Two battery sizes to suit global location & various usage profiles
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